Marshall Islands

Located in the South Pacific, The Republic of the Marshall Islands is made up of 29 coral atolls and 5 individual islands covering over nearly one million square miles. From kite surfing to scuba diving, the Marshall Islands offers nature at its best. Enjoy the trip. Learn more here:

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Trick or treat travel

When I was growing up there were several Karens, a few Sues and many Michaels in each of my classes. Today, people are more open to giving their children names that stand out as unique. In the spirit of trick or treat, I thought it would be fun to find names of towns or travel related words with unusual names. For example, I have driven on Swamp Road in Maine and Sample Road in Florida. Did you know there is a Chicken Alaska, Pee Pee Ohio, Hurricane Utah as well as a US city named Embarrass. What towns have you found with strange or unusual nam … More