Caribbean, Barceló Hotels & Resorts

Part of what a makes a great vacation great is finding the right accommodations. Barceló Hotels & Resorts is known for the stretches of beach lining their oceanfront resorts. The hotel company owns or manages more than 100 properties in 19 countries. Barceló’s hotels and resorts are found in leading destinations and cities throughout Europe, North America, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. The hotels and resort accommodate all travelers, from budget-minded to upscale guests seeking luxurious accommodations. Barceló specializes in all-inclusive resorts making vacation planning convenient and affordable. You’ll find several Barcelo properties on VGT. Learn more about one of their hotels here:

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  • Birmingham, Alabama

    Attention foodies: Birmingham is often recognized for its exceptional dining. It is home to James Beard Foundation winners and nominees with an impressive selection of high end chef owned restaurants.For more on what to see and do in Birmingham AL click here:

  • Atlantic City, New Jersey

    Atlantic City offers more than the excitement of a boardwalk and casinos.Visit the city’s art galleries, museums, concerts and cultural events. To learn more about Atlantic City click here:

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Mistakes happen

We all make mistakes. Maybe  we call someone by the wrong name,  leave the umbrella home, or forget to cancel an appointment when something else comes up. But have you ever made a BIG mistake when traveling?For example accidentally made a  plane reservation  for a city with the same name, but the wrong state! (such as Portland Oregon /Portland Maine) I  know someone who  surprised her husband with a weekend getaway including  tickets to a major NBA game …and  had the wrong date! That mix up makes leaving the umbrella home seem trivial. Have you … More